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          Lou Hamby                                          Ambrose Rymers


My fascination with fishing goes back to my childhood with my dad bringing home yellowtail and white sea bass and halibut. I  remember the old reels had linen line, and the rods were made of bamboo. When I got into my late teens, I began to fish from the jetty’s off Seal Beach, the peers, and later went out on the barges off the coast.


I loved to trout, bass, and catfish freshwater as well, and always found myself at Irvine Lake, Skinner, and  others.


As time went on I began taking the ½ and ¾ day boats. I became an excellent party boat fisherman and knew most of the guys out there. Nothing like a greasy hamburger on a ¾ day boat, everything tastes so good out there. I eventually perfected an excellent jig fishing capability, and began “tricking out” reels for myself and others. I would drill out the side plated on 3/0’s and put 5:1 gears in, I would take jig masters and trick them out with 5:1 gears and make a 4/0 drag stack with an extra set of washers which allowed for fishing 30/40 lb. and the washers could be serviced direct by taking off the handle and the star.


Later when the Newell stuff started showing up, I sstarted doing reels for all my friends, 501 Penn’s with Newell 300C side plates and 5:1 gears. Extended handles for cranking jigs, all of it. I also got into True Line rods and had a very fine set of True Line TNT, D8, and others. I began wrapping rods as well and did cork tape, and 3M tape which I have never seen anyone do to this day, and began customizing shorter XXH rods for big fish. Later on ubyou could find me out there fishing at least once or twice a month or more…..:0) Catalina, San Diego, Ventura, surf fish, big bass fresh water San Diego lakes (Miramar–loved that lake), Hodges and other San Diego Lakes, and of course Irvine Lake…. Later as our children grew, I often took the kids fishing at Lake Irvine for trout, wow both my kids caught a trout bigger than I ever did before they were 10 years old…..they showed me up.


My son Aaron became a reel repair expert as well and an awesome fisherman. It’s no accident this stuff is in our blood, over the years, Aaron  also having an engineering type mind has come up with some awesome fishing tools and ideas for reels.

Recently after many successes, my son-in-law “Ambrose Rymers” has teamed up with ReelSpeed South team in a new effort to expand our business model and better serve our clients,


Please check out our site as we already have some equipment already posted on the site. We look forward to building relationships with our fellow fishermen across the US and abroad.  We will endeavor to go the extra mile to earn you business. Thank you for taking the time to read our bio and Lord bless you and yours……..Tight lines!!


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