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ReelSpeed-South is proud to endorse some of our best rod builders in the country, please check the links  below for these custom builders with all the great experience and reputation you’d expect if your looking for a Custom Rod build…..

Salt Water:

Phone:    619.518.6737

Salty Dawg Custom Rods

Spring Valley, CA.                                                 

How the seed was planted: My Step grandfather first taught me how to hand wrap rods in the late 60′s, mostly bamboo rods on a notched cardboard box and a phone book for a thread tensioner. I would do my own repairs and build an occasional rod over the years. Went to work as a sign painter working for 2 different uncles who were master sign crafters. When the computer industry started taking over the sign business I went to work as a cabinet finisher until the doctors told me after 25 years of breathing lacquer and other exotic finishing fumes I should quit or die young. I started a painting contracting business in the 90s, But really missed doing something creative. In 2004 I saw some pictures posted on of a few guys that were wrapping some really nice rods and decided to pick up where I had left off. The materials had all changed since the last rod I had done, But with my background in exotic finishes it didn’t take long to get up to speed. I’ve found I can take a little bit from all my sign painting and cabinet finishing knowledge and incorporate it into design and building custom fishing rods and restoring and repairing old rods. So there ya have it. Give me a call and order your custom rod today! Hope to see ya on the water sometime.

Salty Dawg, Bill.

Bass Pro – Inshore Salt Water

                         John Ballard – Custom Rod Builder    

                                                                           Phone: 910-897-6119  Fax:  910-897-3308




 Tournament bass fishing is an ultra competitive, technique specific sport. Competitors who want to achieve consistent success have got to be prepared for countless different fishing situations, and have got to use a wide arsenal of fishing techniques. JB Custom rods are technique specific bass rods, each design having it’s own unique purpose. Every individual rod is painstakingly handcrafted in North Carolina, one rod at a time, using the highest quality components that money can buy. Through years of development with our pro staff, John Ballard has expertly designed several different rod models to suit your needs. We have between 200-400 rods built and in inventory that we can ship within 24 hours. It is not the aim of this site to sell custom rods over the internet. Instead, we hope to introduce the serious fisherman to a small sample of our product line and encourage communication, by way of phone or email, concerning the exact details you desire for your very own custom built and designed fishing rod.
“JB Custom Rods is a unique rod company owned by a great guy. They take a lot of pride in making the best rod, period. JB Custom Rods are truly innovative and one-of-a-kind. Any serious or avid angler will definitely feel the difference.  Remember to Get Your Fish On!” — John Crews      BASS Elite Series Pro



Migizi Fishing Rods
144 EMS B40 Lane
Leesburg, Indiana 46538


Congratulations to Jason Vande Kopple!  Another recent
catch on a Migizi 9’3″ casting rod.  What a great looking
fish for sure with not a mark on her!!!


Custom Artistry, Custom Wrap, Repairs, Restoration….




Howdy Folks,

     Durango Custom Rods are all 100% hand made right here in Durango Colorado.  These rods are made for the angler who is looking for more than just a duplicate model off of some assembly line. 

I combine the finest components with my original artwork to create rods that look attractive and will stand up to generations of faithful service on the water. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions that you might have, or just to talk fishing.


Keep A Tight Line

Seth Levine 


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