ReelSpeed Titanium Bearing Cups (Newell)

We are proud to present ReelSpeed Titanium Bearing Cups for your Newell reel, this upgrades your bearing cup to a none rust product, with the finest in craftsmanship. Reelspeed bearing cups will last you a lifetime. Our bearing cups will come in several different color options, the bearing cup includes a special o-ring that is made to last through years of adjusting and 4 shim washers so you can set your bearing at what ever level in the cup you desire.   Color options will be added shortly, here are some pictures of our non-colored bearing cup.  If your a die hard fishermen with some of those old Newell’s that have broken cups, you now can get these back into service with the ReelSpeed option.

2 responses to “ReelSpeed Titanium Bearing Cups (Newell)

  1. interested in supplying these here in our shop on Kauai, are these available for wholesale pricing?

    • Taylor will get back to you in a day or so for pricing and availability from our other store on the west coast. Do you have any idea of how many you might want to purchase?

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